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Ethiopia is the birth place of coffee and every coffee drinker should try the original

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We are dealing in the export of Washed and Sun dried Ethiopian Arabica coffee to USA, Europe, Japan, Asia and Middle East countries. COFFEE ETHIOPIAN  has now engaged in exporting specialty coffees to our valued customers since the last two years  .view services

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we are exporting the following types of Ethiopian Arabica coffees to different parts of the world: The Washed coffees are SIDAMO 2, YIRGACHEFFE 2, TEPPI 2, BEBEKA 2 AND LIMU 2. And the sun dried ones are DJIMMAH 5,  SIDAMO 4, LEKAMPTI 5 AND HARAR coffee products

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Our main objectives are to export best quality of Ethiopian Arabica coffee to our esteemed customers and fulfilling the interest of our customers by providing on time shipment to their 4164539355 Email contact us

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